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Meet the Team: Thomas Hudson

Meet the Team: Thomas Hudson


Updated: Feb 21

We’ve all heard of how convoluted and dangerous the online world can be, especially when they get a hold of your credentials through a bank or other institution... Banks are increasingly tackling these types of cyber crimes and cyber security by introducing anti “Skimming” and copying technology used by today's criminals by means of aggregation apps.

Aggregation apps are at this moment in time are the BEST WAY to avoid scammers, as generally a linking code is used to talk to your bank to authorise payment.

Skimming and online security

Many online platforms such as PayPal are sending banks small increments at a time in order to get the banks and the consumer to verify that they did indeed pursue that purchase.

Staying Cyber Safe

  1. Change passwords regularly to avoid overusing password, ensure a strong password with a variance in capitals, numbers and symbols.

  2. DO NOT overshare information

  3. Inform your bank – Sharing information such as travel dates overseas to your banking provider can stop scammers in your local area from using your cards and enable banks to put a hold on that card.

Want To Know More about Cyber Security?

This simple video from Teach insider, former NSA hacker reveals 5 ways to protect yourself online.

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Thomas Hudson....  

As part of our 'Meet the Team' series, this week we're shining the spot light on our very own Thomas Hudson. Family man, coffee lover and exceptional Security Officer. So we put some questions to him and here's what he had to say...

Q. How long have you been in the east Kimberley?

2 years now and loving every minute. It’s a wonderful place to live.

Q. Are you a part of any community / sporting / charity groups?

I’m passionate about supporting MS (Multiple sclerosis) charities as it’s something very close to my heart. You could say i’m an avid gym goer and I enjoy getting out and about to explore the Kimberley… well you have to right? 

Q. What do you like about living here?

I enjoy the sense of community in Kununurra, as it's always shown that everyone helps out one another in a time of need. I think you only get that true sense of community in these small country towns. 

NPS Security Officer Thomas Hudson
NPS Security Officer Thomas Hudson

Q. Favourite places to visit?

Armageddon (who doesn't enjoy a coffee!) Mayibah springs (Middle springs), Kellys knob - the best view of town you could possibly get by foot!

Q. Why do you enjoy being a security officer in the East Kimberley?

The opportunity to talk to the community, to travel in the Kimberley and to make meaningful decisions for the betterment of the local community.

Q. Anything else you think would be fun to know about you.

When I can I try to learn new languages. This goes well with my other passion outside of work… when the opportunity presents, I love to travel as much as possible with my beautiful 2 year old girl and wife.

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