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Securing large, remote territories necessitates a combination of advanced technology and strategic vigilance. In this field, NPS excels at active monitoring and analysis using cutting-edge surveillance tools such as drones and remote sensors. Tailored protection plans address the specific challenges of remote areas, ensuring comprehensive and effective security. NPS distinguishes itself through its commitment to cutting-edge technology, such as drones and sensors, which ensures unparalleled security solutions in challenging environments.

Vigilant Surveillance:

Our proactive approach involves constant monitoring and analysis of remote areas, providing early threat detection and deterrent measures.

Tailored Protection:

Customised security plans address the unique challenges of remote regions, ensuring comprehensive and effective protection.

Advanced Technology:

Leveraging cutting-edge tools, including drones and sensors, enhances our monitoring capabilities, offering superior security solutions.

Remote regional security
an officer with a key card entering a doorway


NPS provides specialised hospital security while prioritising patient safety. Trained personnel adhere to healthcare-specific protocols, balancing a welcoming environment with strong security. Advanced access control systems are used to control and monitor entry into healthcare facilities to ensure their security. Our approach is defined by empathetic and professional patient interaction, which fosters a comfortable environment. NPS's adherence to healthcare protocols ensures a high level of security specific to medical facilities.

Healthcare Protocols:

Trained personnel prioritise empathetic and professional patient interaction, ensuring a secure yet comforting atmosphere within healthcare premises.

Patient-Centric Interaction:

Implementing cutting-edge access control systems adds an extra layer of security, restricting and monitoring entry to various areas within the hospital premises.


Comprehensive security for construction sites necessitates a strategic combination of physical presence and advanced technology. NPS's Construction Security service includes site-specific plans, 24 hour monitoring, and effective access control. Tailoring security plans to each construction site's specific requirements ensures a thorough and effective strategy. Continuous monitoring via 24/7 surveillance safeguards against unauthorised access and potential threats. Strict access control protocols and technologies govern entry, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to specific areas.

Site-Specific Plans:

Our security plans are tailored to each construction site's unique needs, addressing vulnerabilities and ensuring a comprehensive and effective security strategy.

Continuous Monitoring

Employing 24/7 surveillance enhances protection against unauthorised access and potential threats, providing continuous security.

Efficient Access Control:

Strict access control protocols and technologies regulate entry, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to designated areas.

Construction and site security
Crowd control


NPS excels in the area of comprehensive security, which is required for seamless event experiences. Our Event Security service is focused on crowd management and cutting-edge technology. Expert crowd management techniques ensure that large gatherings run smoothly and safely. Prior to each event, thorough risk assessments are conducted to ensure effective security measures. Meticulous emergency response planning ensures that NPS is well-prepared for unexpected incidents while prioritising attendee safety. With a commitment to seamless events, NPS sets the regional standard for event security.

Expert Crowd Management:

Our team employs expert crowd management techniques, ensuring orderly and safe large gatherings without compromising attendee safety.

Thorough Risk Assessment:

Before each event, we conduct a detailed risk assessment, identifying potential threats and challenges to implement effective security measures.

Emergency Response Planning:

Our event security includes meticulous emergency response planning, ensuring our team is well-prepared to address any unforeseen incidents, prioritizing the safety of attendees.


NPS Consulting provides tailored solutions to improve overall security infrastructure. We strengthen organisations' security postures through risk analysis, customised security strategies, and continuous improvement initiatives. Collaboration with clients ensures personalised security solutions based on a thorough understanding of their specific needs. In-depth risk analyses allow us to create effective strategies for mitigating potential threats and vulnerabilities. Continuous improvement initiatives ensure that security measures evolve effectively, protecting organisations from emerging threats.

Customised Solutions:

Our consulting services offer personalised security solutions based on a thorough understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by each client.

Risk Analysis Strategies:

Conducting in-depth risk analyses enables us to develop effective strategies to mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Continuous Improvement:

Collaborating with clients on continuous improvement initiatives ensures that security measures evolve to address emerging risks and challenges effectively.

a security expert explaining security measures
Event, bar, club & crowd security


Providing a visible deterrent, NPS ensures the protection of premises, assets, and personnel with Static Security. Trained personnel are always vigilant, enforcing strict access control measures and responding quickly to emerging situations. Vigilant monitoring maintains constant vigilance for potential security breaches, while strict access control measures regulate entry, ensuring secure premises. Trained personnel are ready to respond quickly to emerging security situations, reducing potential risks and ensuring the safety of the protected area.

Vigilant Monitoring:

Trained personnel ensure constant vigilance for potential security breaches, monitoring surroundings to detect and deter threats effectively.

Access Control:

Enforcing strict access control measures, our static security team regulates and manages entry, ensuring secure premises.

Rapid Response:

Our personnel are trained to respond swiftly to emerging security situations, minimising potential risks and ensuring the safety of the protected area.


Expertise in managing large gatherings is a hallmark of NPS, particularly in effective communication and crowd management. Our Crowd Control service prioritises safety, resulting in seamless events or public spaces. Trained personnel excel at effective communication in crowded environments, ensuring clarity and coordination throughout events. Our team organises and secures large gatherings by utilising advanced techniques for smooth flow and attendee safety. Meticulous planning for unforeseen incidents in large gatherings prioritises quick and effective responses to ensure attendee safety.

Effective Communication:

Trained personnel excel in effective communication within crowded spaces, ensuring clarity and coordination during events.

Expert Crowd Management:

Utilising advanced techniques for smooth flow and attendee safety, our team ensures orderly and secure large gatherings.

Emergency Response Planning:

Meticulously planning for unforeseen incidents in large gatherings, our crowd control services prioritise swift and efficient responses to ensure attendee safety.

Venue security guards and services
Cash in transit security


NPS's Cash in Transit service implements strict security measures to ensure the safe transportation of valuable assets. Trained personnel and advanced technology reduce the likelihood of potential threats during transit. Armoured transport for valuables ensures a secure and protected journey, and personnel receive specialised training for the safe transportation of valuable items. GPS tracking and advanced security protocols improve the security of our Cash in Transit service by enabling real-time monitoring and intervention.

Secure Transportation:

Our service provides armoured transport for valuables, ensuring a secure and protected journey.

Trained Personnel:

Our team undergoes specialised training to guarantee the safe and secure transit of valuable items.

GPS Tracking and Security Protocols:

Utilising GPS tracking and advanced security protocols, we enhance the security of our Cash in Transit service, providing real-time monitoring and intervention capabilities.

24/7 alarm response


NPS's Alarm Response service, which combines trained personnel and advanced technology, provides a prompt and effective response to alarm activations. Addressing alarm triggers promptly reduces potential risks, and the service provides 24-hour immediate response to activations. Trained personnel, supported by advanced technology, respond quickly to alarm triggers. Seamless integration with alarm systems improves overall security infrastructure by ensuring timely and coordinated responses to alarm activations.

24/7 Immediate Response:

Our Alarm Response service ensures 24/7 immediate response to alarm activations, minimising the time between detection and intervention.

Trained Personnel for Rapid Intervention:

Our team undergoes specialised training for rapid intervention, ensuring efficient and effective responses to security breaches.


The NPS Night Patrol service improves security during the night by conducting regular and thorough patrols. Trained personnel monitor for any suspicious activity, ensuring a safe environment. The night patrol team is trained to respond quickly to security incidents, reducing potential hazards and ensuring immediate action. Comprehensive monitoring during nighttime patrols ensures a safe environment and quick response to any security breaches. NPS's Night Patrol service sets the standard for effective nighttime security, ensuring clients' peace of mind.

Regular and Thorough Nighttime Patrols:

Our trained personnel conduct regular and thorough nighttime patrols to detect and deter potential security threats.

Emergency Response Capabilities:

Trained to respond swiftly to security incidents, our night patrol team ensures immediate action in any emerging situations.

Comprehensive Monitoring:

Night patrols involve comprehensive monitoring of premises, ensuring a secure environment and rapid response to any security breaches.

a guard on night patrol padlocking a door